“HP 552 R” is a high melt flow homopolymer for the production of CF, BCF, and fine denier staple fibers at medium to high spinning speeds and exhibits excellent antigasafading properties.

“HP 552R” is suitable for nonwoven fabrics for diapers, medical-sanitary applications, and wipes. Another typical application is high tenacity continuous filament for straps for backpacks. sports bags, bulk bags, and safety belts. Continuous filament with medium tenacity is used for straps for

Upholstery and sportswear. “HP552R” is also suited for the production of bulked continuous filament for carpets.

“HP 552R” is suitable for food contact.

Processing Method

Fiber Extrusion(CF,BCF,stapble)


High melt flow

Excellent antigasfading properties

Good processability


Typical Applications

Nonwoven fabrics for diapers, medical-sanitary applications Wipes and tissues.

Straps for backpacks, sport bags, bulk bags and for safety belts Upholstery and sportswear.

Bulk continuous filament for carpets

Nonwoven staple fiber

Hygiene nonwoven