7000 F is a high density polyethylene resin ;a product of bi-modal process from Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. of Japan


Recommend film thickness at 10-25 micron

Shopping bag and T-shirt bag

High tensile strength with good dart impact strength

  Garbage bag

  Low gel content

  Liner bag

Good moisture barrier

Enhanced ultra thin film

Food contact applicable

  High stiffness

  Wide service Temperature range, UV resistance

(*) Properties obtained from film produced on a pilot line , 12 micron, BUR 5:1, MD = Machine Direction, TD = Transverse Direction Note : Conversion factor for changing unit from kg/cm2 to MPa is divided by 10.2


The actual extrusion condition depends on type of using machine, size and film thickness of product required. diameter. Generally, melt temperature should be 190-210 oC with BUR = 3-5 times and frost line height (FLH) = 8-10 times of die diameter

Product Technical Assistance For technical assistance or further information on this product contact MHPC technical team at the address or telephone number as specified below.



25 kg loose bag

Big bag with specified weight


Product(s) should be stored in dry and dust free location at temperature below 50o C and protected from direct sunlight and/or heat, well-ventilated area, away from incompatible materials and food and drink, as this may lead to quality deterioration, which results in odour generation and colour changes and can have negative effects on the physical properties of this product.

Keep container tightly closed and sealed until ready for use. Containers that have been opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Do not store in unlabelled containers. Use appropriate containment to avoid environmental contamination

The storage area should be stable and not be slopped.


The product is not classified as a hazardous material.

Please see our Material Safety Data Sheet for details on various aspects of safety, recovery, and disposal of the products;


The product is suitable for reclycling using modern methods of shredding and cleaning. In-house production waste should be kept clean to facilitate direct recycling

Please see our Material Safety Data Sheet for details on various aspects of safety, recovery, and disposal of the products.


The following related documents are available on request, and represent various aspects on the usability, safety, recovery and disposal of the product.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Statement on compliance to food contact regulations


The product can be used only for the application as specified hereabove.

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