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SD0150 SD0150 is one of the styrenic terpolymer(ABS) grade with improved toughness versus HIPS grades. SD0150 exhibits,low shrinkage, and good dimensional stability. SD0150 is widely used in general injection molding applications.Use this information as a guide to aid you in selecting the proper resin for your application. Applications Furnitures,Automotive Parts


ABS-50 Application Electronic and Electrical parts, vacuum cleaner, washing machine cover and Refrigerator door cap & etc Classification General purpose Characteristic Medium Impact, High rigidity DRYING: it is recommended that GBPC ABS Resins be dried at (80-85°c)for 3 hours. The following molding conditions are recommended starting point for GBPC ABS


ABS-40 Classification: General Purpose Characteristic: High Impact Resistance Application: Automobile parts (radiator grill & etc.), Helmets, Toys, Suitcase, Shoe heels, skis, golf club heads, Sports equipment, suitcases, & etc. Typical ABS Processing Conditions: Drying: It is recommended that ABS Resin be dried at (80-85 c°) for 3 hours. The following

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