EPX-548 T


“EPX 548T” is a high melt flew rate, nucleated

Heterophasic copolymer with special antistatic additivation

Used for thin-wall injection molding,IML and housewar

Applications.The product features improved balance of

Mechanical properties. The use of “EPX 548T” allows

High productivity due to easy mold filling and short

Cycle times.

In comparison with convention copolymers with the same

MFR and the same toughness, “EPX548T” exhibits 15%

Higher rigidity.

Processing Method:

                       Injection molding


                       High fluidity

Easy mold filling and short cycle times

Desirable impact/ stiffness balance

Good dimensional stability

Unspecified artistic properties

Heterophasic copolymer


Typical Applications:

TWIM/IML food contaners (Margarin tube,youghurt pots,

Pots for soft cheese,pudding, etc.)


Caps and closures

Flower pots and cool boxes

Sport ,leisure and toys