HDPE Produts

Viscosity Grade Bitumen

Product Specification Viscosity Grade Bitumen Specification

EN 12591

Requirement for Asphalt cement EN 12591 Products Specifications

Bitumen 120-150

Requirement for Asphalt cement ASTM D946 Bitumen 120-150

Bitumen 40-50

Requirement for Asphalt cement ASTM D946 Bitumen 40-50

Bitimen 60-90

Requirement for Asphalt cement SM GOST 22245-90 Bitimen 60-90

Bitimen 60-70

Requirement for Asphalt cement ASTM D946 Bitimen 60-70


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Cutback Bitumen

Product Specifications Cutback Bitumen MC

Australian Standard

Note: 1-Viscosity @60°C test on M500 and M1000 shall be performed using AS 2341.2 and Asphalt Institute vacuum capillary viscometers. 2- Alternative RTFO treatment methods may be used(i.e.AS/NZS 3241.10 or ASTM D2872)for which different property limits are specified.


POLYMER TYPE POLYPROPYLENE HOMOPOLYMER APPLICATION Extrusion and injection molding applications, raffia, tapes, monofilaments, diary products PRODUCT FEATURES Homopolymer with general extrusion activation PROCESSING METHOD Extrusion The information in this publication is submitted without prejudice and is based on our current ” .knowledge and experience and on a limited number of

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