HIPS7240 is a very high impact polystyrene for the extrusion industry. This grade has been designed to diluted with crystal polystyrene.

The good melt strength of this grade makes it particularly suited for deep-draw thermoforming.

HIPS7240 is available in white color.


darty sheet,cups,trays,egg boxes,general packaging,coextrusion with GPPS at industrial sheets.food containers

 * All above mentioned data are typical values and not to be construed as real specifications.Users should confirm results by their own tests.For more information about guaranteed items, please refer to S.S.S.(Standard Sales Specifications)

Density and shrinkage of this grade are approximately around 1.04 kg/lit & (0.4-0.7)%(ASTM D-955) respectively.

All test are carried out at 23C , unless otherwise stated.

If in grade reference the fourth digit is “1”(7241) ,indicates an external lubricants is included.