SD0150 is one of the styrenic terpolymer(ABS) grade with improved toughness versus HIPS grades. SD0150 exhibits,low shrinkage, and good dimensional stability. SD0150 is widely used in general injection molding applications.Use this information as a guide to aid you in selecting the proper resin for your application.


Furnitures,Automotive Parts ,General Injection Molding,Appliances Casing,Office Supplies.


Drying prior to processing is recommended in a desiccant dehumidifying hopper dryer. An inlet air dew point of -20°F (-29°C) or below is recommended to achieve a moisture content 0.1%. Typical drying conditions are 2 hours at 180° – 190°F (82° – 88°C). Drying for 4 hours at 160° – 170°F (71°-77°C) is also adequate.

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